After much deliberation and consultation, including consultation with representatives from our National Union, we are now able to announce the process for our upcoming Executive and Trustee Elections. Under normal circumstances, these elections would need to take place during our Annual General Membership Meeting. Due to COVID-19, however, a meeting such as this cannot take place. We will instead be conducting our elections entirely online while preserving as much as possible the requirements for elections set forth in our bylaws. Please see below for details. Any questions and concerns can be sent to

What is the AGM?: The Annual General Membership meeting is where the local elects its Executive. As such, all 13 Executive Officer positions will be up for election, as well as one Trustee position. The terms for each executive position are a maximum of 1 year, and the trustee position is for a 3-year term. For details of each position including their portfolios & general expectations, see their respective pages on our website.

When: May 28th at 12pm – May 29th at 12pm. The polls will be open for 24 hours, but it should not take more than 10-15 minutes to cast your ballots.

Note: Because Chief Stewards can only be elected by their respective units, those elections will be held separately. You will receive an email and login for any chief steward election for which you are eligible to vote.

Where: We’ll be using, though a direct hyperlink to your ballot will be sent via e-mail.

Why Helios Voting? After researching various options and conferring with CUPE Ontario and CUPE National, Helios voting presented us with the most user-friendly and secure option for conducting these elections. We are hoping for a stream-lined, transparent, and accessible election process. You can learn more about this platform here

How to vote: In advance of the polls opening, you will receive an email from Helios voting which will include your user name and password to log in. Only CUPE 3906 members will receive these emails, and they will be sent to your McMaster email accounts. We use these email addresses because they are what we have on file as provided by McMaster.  Once the polls are open, you will be able to log in and cast your votes for all positions. Your vote will then be encrypted and logged anonymously. Your email and username will only grant you access to the polls and will not be associated with your vote, nor will it be used or sold by Helios voting thereafter.  Once the polls are closed, helios will automatically tally the results.

Who can be nominated for positions? Only CUPE 3906 members in good standing can be nominated for an executive position. In other words, if you have worked as a Teaching Assistant, Research Assistant (in lieu), a Sessional Instructor, or a unionized Postdoctoral Fellow this year, you are eligible to be nominated and run for a position. You must be a CUPE 3906 member to nominate someone. If you have any questions about your eligibility, please contact us at

Some additional restrictions apply to who can run for each of the Chief Stewards as well as the Undergraduate Officer,  International Officer, and Equity Officer positions, though anyone is able to nominate a member to one of these positions. See each position’s description for more information.

Where to find information about nominees? Our website will not only host information regarding the election, but each nominee will have a page on the AGM section of our website including their name, the position for which they are running, and the option to include a 500 word statement outlining their candidacy for the position. Each of these pages will be linked to from the helios platform next to each candidate’s name.

How to nominate? Normally, we hold nominations on the floor of the AGM, but our Bylaws also allow for nominations in advance of the AGM. Given the circumstances, this will not be possible. We will only be accepting nominations from Friday, May 15th at 9AM until Monday, May 25th at 5PM. You can nominate yourself or another member by emailing  with the name of your nominee (either yourself or someone else). If you are nominating yourself, please include your 500 word statement in this email. Our bylaws require that only staff accept nominations for elections, so only those applications sent to will be accepted. If you are nominated by another member, staff will contact you to determine whether you wish to stand for the nomination, and at this point you will be able to provide your 500 word statement.

Our staff will then ensure that each individual who is nominated is eligible to run. If you are nominating someone else, you will need to provide their McMaster email address so that staff can confirm that they wish to stand for the nomination.

Please note: Because the elections for all positions will be held during the same election, individuals  may stand to be nominated for only one position. You may only nominate yourself for a single position, and if you are nominated for multiple positions, you will be asked to stand for only one.

Restriction on Campaign Materials:

Because our bylaws require equal access to campaign materials, only those materials posted to our website will be deemed relevant and acceptable for the purposes of the executive elections. Any materials posted elsewhere and found to be linked to specific candidates will result in their disqualification.