Freelancer Union Meeting – IWW Ísland

CUPE 3906 June 2024 General Membership Meeting (GMM) Materials

Our equity statement and land acknowledgement statement are here.

Minutes of our last GMM (May 2024) are available here.

The Agenda for today’s GMM is available here..

The June 2024 Executive Reports that have been submitted available here.


Process and Tips for an Efficient Meeting

Glossary of Parliamentary Procedure Handbook – click here. This booklet provides some definitions and examples of commonly used GMM terms, such as ‘point of order’ and ‘adjournment.’

You can find a CUPE 3906 Rules of Order booklet here, which helps to explain – in simple and practical terms – some of the more complex aspects of meetings.


Additional Reminders

Upcoming General Membership Meetings **all dates tentative**

  • Monday May 13, 2 pm
  • Monday June 10, 2 pm
  • Monday July 15, 2 pm
  • Monday August 19, 2 pm

Join the Health and Safety Committee

  • Ideas for health and safety improvements in your workplace? Interested in joining your Joint Health and Safety Committee (JHSC)? Take a look on our webpage and contact

Indigenous Solidarity Working Group

 So you want to get something done at a GMM (ie/ pass a motion)?

If there is something you want to happen at a GMM, in most cases you’ll need to introduce a motion to get that thing done.

Motions are used to direct action and generally take the form of “I move that…” or “Be it resolved that….” Any member may move a motion at a meeting, as long as it directly relates to the agenda item under discussion. Motions must be seconded by another member prior to discussion commencing. Motions must pass by majority vote (50%+1), with some exceptions (see chart below).

Any member may move a substantive or procedural motion as long as it is ‘in order’ (ie/ doesn’t violate the by-laws or the rules of order). A substantive motion, or one containing a number of considerations, should ideally be prepared in writing and given to the chair, preferably in advance of the meeting.

Some motions are made more frequently than others.  While every ‘actionable item’ requires a motion (and a seconder), these are some commonly made motions that can serve as a guideline.

Donation – I move that we donate $ (Insert amount) to (name of organization) in support of (the cause ie/ their on-going strike, their annual fundraiser etc.)

More information can be found in the CUPE 3906 Rules of Order booklet.