Dental Coverage (Dental Spending Account) 

Eligibility: All Unit 2 members have access to the benefit during the academic year (i.e., September 1-August 31) in which they work as a Sessional Faculty or HRSMF at McMaster.

Please note: You must be currently eligible in the current academic year to access any monetary benefit.

Entitlement: Up to $1,000/calendar year for basic services (subject to eligibility, above).

Claim procedure: Until August 31, 2018, this benefit functions as a spending account in the same manner as the regular Health Care Spending Account (above).  To submit a claim, fill out and sign a Unit 2 Dental Spending Account Form (available at our office in KTHB111), attach the receipt and/or standard claim form from your dentist, and drop off your claim at our office.

Family Members: Until August 31, 2018, you may claim expenses for a spouse or dependents under this spending account. These expenses count towards your $1,000 annual cap.

For more information about this benefit, please contact

The 3906 sessional dental spending claim form is here.

Claims must be submitted within 60 days, and within 30 days termination of your eligibility under the rules outlined above.  The Dental Spending Account is subject to the availability of funds.