We are pleased to announce that, thanks to gains made in Unit 1 bargaining last fall, CUPE 3906 will soon have a Trans Fund available to its members.

The purpose of the fund is to support members requiring financial support due to costs incurred that are related to transitioning or gender affirmation for trans members. This fund is intended to serve as immediate and individualized form of support for members who self-identify as transgender. Understanding that financial costs associated with being trans affect many areas of life, the fund deliberately does not define all eligible expenses. Members are invited to submit claims for any expenses they consider eligible. Examples of eligible expenses include, but are not limited to: (1) everyday life necessities, including binders, shapewear, and packers, (2) medical necessities, such as gender-affirming surgeries and procedures, as well as H.R.T. prescriptions, (3) administrative fees associated with change of name, re-issuing of passport, identity card, health card, driver’s’ license, and other official documentation.

The maximum support available to successful applicants will be $1250 per academic year, to a lifetime maximum of $2,500 from the fund.  The fund will be administered by our Third Party Administrator, and any disputes about the disbursement of the fund will brought forward by the Equity Officer will be resolved during the Benefits Committee meeting chaired by the Benefits Officer.  More details, including an application form, will be available in the coming weeks.

If you need to access the fund prior to the application form being made available, please contact Shirleen, our Equity Officer (equity@cue3906.org).