*IMPORTANT–FALL 2021: Please note–our office is still closed at present due to the pandemic.  Please continue to submit your claims online (via the directions below) for the fall 2021 term.  Thank you!

IMPORTANT UPDATE: March 23, 2020
Please note that our office is temporarily closed due to the pandemic.

Due to the pandemic, our Third Party Administrator is temporarily honouring claims submitted via email until further notice. You can now submit your Health Care Spending Account claims via email to claims@prosure-group.com. Please note that you must fill out and sign the form, and submit a clear scan or image of the form and your supporting documentation. You do not need to obtain an “Authorized CUPE rep signature” for the duration of our office closure. Please mention that you are a CUPE 3906 member in your email. Also, please make sure to hold on to your original form and receipts for at least 1 year if you submit claims via email.

You can also submit forms via mail directly to the Prosure Group, although processing hard copies submitted by mail might result in delays during the office closure period. Please make sure that you sign your form with pen-and-ink, and include original receipts. Claims can be mailed to:

2225 Sheppard Ave East Suite 1400, Atria III
Toronto, Ontario
M2J 5C2

Please note that there may be significant delays in processing claims that are left in our KTH B111 mailbox after March 23rd, 2020.


IMPORTANT UPDATE: February 23, 2021

Based on gains secured to our Health Care Spending Account during our last round of collective bargaining, your Benefits Committee voted to expand your HCSA entitlement. These gains could not have been secured without your support and mobilization during the bargaining process.

Members of CUPE 3906 Unit 2 (Sessional Faculty and Hourly Rated Sessional Music Faculty working at McMaster University) may now submit up to $500 in eligible expenses, and will receive a reimbursement of 80% of the cost (to a maximum of $400 per academic year). Previously members would receive a reimbursement of only 70% of the cost (to a maximum of $350 per academic year).

If you submit a claim for $500 in eligible costs, you will receive $400 total for the academic year. In other words, for each $10 claim in eligible costs, you will receive $8 reimbursement, up to a maximum of $400 per academic year.

Please click here for a full list of HSA eligible expenses that will be 80% covered up to the total yearly limit ($400).  This list is determined by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), not us. You can also visit the CRA’s list of authorized eligible practitioners according to province, available here.

To submit a claim, please fill out the claim form, available here: CUPE U2 HCSA Claim Form. If you have already submitted a claim of up to $500 and received only the previous maximum of $350, you will need submit this additional form to receive up to a $50 top up.

*PLEASE NOTE!  If you are sending your claim in directly to Prosure via regular mail, please use the following address: The Prosure Group, 2225 Sheppard Avenue East, Suite 1400, Atria III, Toronto, ON M2J 5C2.

NOTE: Claims must be submitted within 60 days of incurring the expense.

** Please note that prescription eye glasses are on the eligibility list–they are just listed as: “Vision devices – including eyeglasses and contact lenses to correct eyesight – prescription required.” If you are only getting the frames, you just need proof from that the optometrist that they inserted prescription lenses into the frames.  (They should be able to indicate this on the receipt.)



I only work as a CUPE 3906 Unit 2 member in the fall term.  Can I submit my expenses in the winter and/or spring/summer term(s)? 

Yes!  As long as you are working or have worked as a Unit 2 member at some point in the current academic year (Sept 1-Aug 31), you can submit claims in the current academic year (Sept 1-Aug 31).

I have alternate health insurance. Can I use both my CUPE HCSA and my alternate insurance for the same health-related expenses? Yes, you can use both benefits. Where possible, submit the claim to your alternate insurer first. If your alternate insurance does not cover the entire cost of the claim, you can then make a CUPE 3906 Unit 2 HCSA claim for the remainder of the cost (to a maximum of $400 per academic year paid at 80%). Instead of the receipt, you should attach the explanation of benefits you received from the other insurer in the mail. (If no claim was paid out from your other insurer, you will still an explanation of benefits stating that the claim was denied.) Again, that functions as a receipt when you make the CUPE 3906 claim. If you are unable to use your alternate insurance first you can reverse the procedure described above and make a vision care claim first. However, since explanations of benefits are not standard issue with this type of benefit, you must email administrator@cupe3906.org to request that one be produced when you make your claim.

Does the HCSA cover my family/dependents? Yes, it can. Each member is allocated a maximum of $400 total reimbursement per year, with eligible expenses paid at 80%. That entitlement can be applied to your dependents, but each dependent is not entitled to $400. In other words, each member can receive up to $400 per academic year (with claims paid at 80%) to allocate within their family according to members’ discretion.  The reality is we have a finite amount of money secured through collective bargaining for this fund, and we cannot afford to provide each family member $400, but we are happy to allow family members to be covered by the $400 per member (claims paid at 80%) entitlement.