Seniority is accrued by Sessional Faculty and Hourly-Rated Sessional Music Faculty at McMaster. If you have not previously taught at McMaster as a sessional, you do not have any seniority.

Current Seniority is course specific. It is calculated as the number of times that you have previously taught the course you are applying for, so long as you have taught that course at least once in the past 36 months.

Aggregate Seniority is your overall seniority as a Sessional at McMaster. It is calculated as the total number of units of any course that you have taught at McMaster; however, you must hold current seniority in at least one course in order to have aggregate seniority.

For example, if you have taught Labour Studies 1A03 once (in the past 36 months), you would have 3 units of current seniority in that course.  If you also had previously taught Labour Studies 3W03 (3 units x 1 time teaching it), you would have 6 units of aggregate seniority (3 units in 1A03 + 3 units in 3W03).

Seniority is one of the criteria that the Employer must take into consideration when making hiring decisions.  Furthermore, seniority serves as a tie-breaker when candidates have similar qualifications.

If you feel you have been denied an appointment on the basis of seniority, or have further questions about seniority, please contact us at or call 905-525-9140 x24056 and we will assist you.

**please note that there is not an overall seniority listed created by McMaster, and sessionals are responsible for calculating their seniority to the best of their ability**