Unit 1 includes individuals employed in the following classifications:

  • Teaching Assistants (both Graduate & Undergraduate)
  • Research Assistants (whose RAship is granted in lieu of a guaranteed TAship)
  • Demonstrators
  • Tutors & Super Tutors
  • Markers

CLICK HERE for a Unit 1 Benefits Brochure that summarizes your benefits as of September 1, 2023.  Please note!  This is a summary only.  For more complete information, please click on the tabs in the drop-down menu and/or contact our Benefits Officer (benefits@cupe3906.org) or our Administrative Coordinator (administrator@cupe3906.org).

To view a copy the new Collective Agreement (2022-2027), please CLICK HERE. 

Click here for the Unit 1 Health Care Spending Account. 

Click here for the Unit 1 Dental Plan.

Click here for UHIP rebates.

Click here for the Unit 1 childcare reimbursement.

Click here for the Unit 1 Gender Affirmation Fund.

Click here for the Employee Family Assistance Program. 

Click here to download the Unit 1 Undergraduate Handbook


The university cannot offset TA wage increases by reducing your scholarship. Specifically, Article 16.04  of our collective agreement states the following: The parties recognize and acknowledge the distinct and separate nature of academic financial support that the Employer provides to graduate students on the one hand, and the entitlement o employment income in accordance with the terms of this Collective Agreement on the other hand. As such, the Employer agrees that an employee’s entitlement to the wages set out in Schedule “A” of this Collective Agreement will not result in a reduction of, or offset against, the academic financial support promised by the University to a graduate student. 

In short, TA wages and student-based scholarships/bursaries/top ups are completely separate from one another, and an increase to your wages cannot mean a loss of scholarship money.

Similarly, if you apply for an additional TAship and receive it, your department cannot reduce your scholarship entitlement as a result of this additional, unexpected work. We have been made aware of this happening, and if you see any reduction in your scholarship and believe it is linked to you getting an additional TAship or to an increase in your hourly wage, please contact us immediately and we can help to sort things out for you.