We are now accepting applications electronically for Professional Development Funds until further notice. Please e-mail your application in one document to your benefits officer at benefits@cupe3906.org
In 2017, the Union won a new fund for Postdoctoral Fellows – a Professional Development Fund.  In our most recent round of contract negotiations (2019), we won further improvements to this fund.
The Unit 3 Professional Development Fund reimbursement amount has been temporarily increased to $600 per academic year per eligible member (until August 31, 2023 and subject to the availability of funds).  Only eligible expenses (see below) incurred while working as a CUPE 3906 Unit 3 member will be reimbursed up to the maximum academic yearly amount.
Please make sure to submit claims within a timely manner (e.g., within 60 days of the expense being incurred), and submit expenses incurred between September 1 and August 31 within the same academic year (i.e., Sept 1-Aug 31) when possible.
For more information, please contact your benefits officer at benefits@cupe3906.org

The fund currently covers expenses related to:

  • conference participation
  • professional association fees
  • academic books
  • research journal subscriptions
  • leadership development courses
  • McMaster courses not covered by the tuition waiver policy
  • Research Journal Subscriptions
  • Leadership Development courses, and
  • Language courses as eligible expenses.


You must currently be working as a CUPE 3906 Unit 3 Postdoc at McMaster to access the funds.

For additional information, please contact our Benefits Officer at benefits@cupe3906.org.