We have returned to our on-campus office at Kenneth Taylor Hall, B111. Paper claims may be left in the office, or deposited in the drop box to the left of our entrance in KTH B111. UHIP claims may also be emailed to claims@prosure-group.com until further notice.

Please note that you must include supporting documentation (i.e., a copy of your UHIP card or a copy of your student fee statement indicating payment of UHIP fees) with the form to receive funds.  For eligibility information and how to apply, please see below.

We have increased the UHIP Rebate entitlement to $250 per academic year, pending the availability of funds.

Please use this form to submit an applicationCupe-3906-UNIT-1-UHIP-250-Rebate-Form-SEPT-2023

Please note that you must fill out and sign the form, and submit a clear scan or image of the form and your supporting documentation providing proof that you pay UHIP fees (e.g., a copy of your UHIP card). You no longer need to obtain an “Authorized CUPE rep signature.”  Please mention that you are a CUPE 3906 member in your email.  Also, please make sure to hold on to your original form and a copy of your 2022-2023 UHIP card for at least 1 year if you submit claims via email.

You can also submit forms via mail directly to the Prosure Group, although processing hard copies submitted by mail might result in delays during the office closure period. Please make sure that you sign your form with pen-and-ink, and include original receipts.  Claims can be mailed to:


2255 Sheppard Avenue East

SUITE 202, Atria 1

Toronto, ON M2J 4Y1

Please note that there may be significant delays in processing claims that are left in our KTH B111 mailbox after March 23rd, 2020.


International students who are members of Unit 1 (Teaching Assistants or RAs in lieu) are eligible to apply for a $250 rebate for UHIP. Members can only apply for the rebate once per academic year.

To file a claim fill out the form and attach a copy of your UHIP card.

The form is available above (at the top of this page).

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I submit my UHIP Rebate Claim via electronically or via e-mail?

Yes.  Digital claims can be emailed to claims@prosure-group.com until further notice. Please be sure to include a copy of your UHIP card with your claim.

I forgot to make a UHIP Rebate Claim last academic year. Can I still make a claim?

No. We can only honour claims made during the current academic year.

If you have any other questions, please contact the Union office.

We’ve translated our UHIP poster into Arabic, Urdu, Farsi, Simplified Chinese, Bengali, Polish, Serbian, and so many others. A PDF of the poster (below) is available here.