You may be eligible for Employment Insurance (or EI) when your contract expires and if you do not have a new contract in place, though in almost all cases TAs and RAs (in lieu) do not have enough ‘insurable hours worked’ to be eligible.


For more information, please click on this link, which will direct you to our new Employment Insurance pamphlet. Additional information is below.


EI eligibility is based on working a minimum number of hours, and varies from region-to-region and changes from month-to-month based on the Regional Rate of Unemployment.  Likewise, the maximum number of weeks that you can collect EI for varies based on the same criteria.  The region is based on where you reside, not where you work.  In most cases TAs will not have worked enough hours to meet the eligibility requirements. More detailed information about EI eligibility and benefits can be found here.

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