CUPE 3906 Announces our Gender Affirmation Fund

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Finally, some good news! We are pleased to announce that CUPE 3906’s first-ever Gender Affirmation Fund is officially up and running. Unit 1 members (TAs and RAs in-lieu) who identify as Two Spirit, trans, or nonbinary can now be reimbursed for a wide array of costs associated with their gender affirmation, to a maximum of $1,250 per year and a lifetime … Read More

CERB Update

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We’d like to send an important update to our previous email about your potential eligibility for the CERB. At first, it appeared that there would be some internal checks, much like EI, where if you didn’t meet criteria that was, at best, unclear to begin with, you’d be denied. It now seems like a) almost everyone is being approved but despite … Read More

Parking Updates for Sessional Faculty

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Parking have confirmed that employees paying by payroll deductions had their deductions stopped on April 5 and will have them “…automatically restarted when we return to normal business on campus.” Employees that prepaid for parking by a method other than payroll deductions will have the month of April and any other subsequent months while the University remains closed, credited to their … Read More

Sessional Faculty End-of-Term Update

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Congratulations on (almost) reaching the end of another term – and quite possibly the most memorable yet! You’ll soon be there. We hope that you’re staying well in light of the current pandemic. Before the term comes to an end, we wanted to provide some updates that might be useful. This message contains important information about the following: Professional Development Fund … Read More

CUPE 3906 now hiring for the position of Member Mobilizer Book-Off (Casual)


Dear Members, As you may already know, our Unit 2 members (Sessional Instructors, Hourly-Rated Sessional Music Faculty, and MELD Sessional Instructors) are entering collective bargaining this summer, with their contract expiring on August 31st. With every round of collective bargaining comes the need for member mobilization, which requires a lot of additional work extending outreach to members and connecting with … Read More

Online teaching as Sessional Faculty in the context of COVID-19

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As you have likely heard by now, the spring semester will be online, and, barring some miraculous change in the next week or so, so too will the summer semester. The start dates for each will remain the same. We’ve had many productive discussions with the employer and believe that those who have already been hired will be given every opportunity to … Read More

CERB and EI Information & Resources


During this time of increasing uncertainty, many of you will be looking toward government income support – most notably, the Canadian Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) and Employment Insurance (EI). The CERB is a newly announced program and it seems to be evolving in real time. We’ve received many inquires about accessing these programs and are trying to provide some insight as best as we can. Unfortunately, due … Read More

Postdoctoral Support Fund- Update

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Your Union has a quick update on the Postdoctoral Support Fund, the application for which can be accessed here. We’ve been told by Employee/Labour Relations to relay the following information to our members: “Effective immediately, applicants do not need to complete the Estimated Expenses and Estimated Income table in the application form. Members must submit receipts or quotes for any expenses that … Read More