Parking Updates for Sessional Faculty

Brad WalchukUncategorized

Parking have confirmed that employees paying by payroll deductions had their deductions stopped on April 5 and will have them “…automatically restarted when we return to normal business on campus.” Employees that prepaid for parking by a method other than payroll deductions will have the month of April and any other subsequent months while the University remains closed, credited to their parking account.

Sessional Faculty have the following options available:

  1. They can request to have their deductions stopped sooner and restart later than other employees due to nature of temporary or contract work. The Sessional can email Parking Services with their preferred start and restart dates (if known).
  2. If the Sessional is paying parking by another method (not pay deduction) of payment and are not returning to work, Parking Services will issue a refund cheque as the credit on parking account will not apply in these cases.