NOTE: Only Unit 3 members who hold appointments of 1 year or more are eligible for this plan, offered through the University.

Please note, if you had an appointment of less than one year, and you were granted an extension of your contract making the total length longer than 1 year, you will become eligible for the Sun Life plan as of the date of your extension.

After reading the booklet, you can contact your HR Advisor if you have questions about how to apply for these extended health benefits, or what costs are eligible.  We are not the plan-holders of this plan.

Click here to visit the University’s benefits information page

Click here for a link to more information about the Sun Life Benefits Plan

Claim Form:
Click HERE to download a copy of the Claim Form if you need to be reimbursed for claims made under this plan.  (The group policy  number for the extended health plan is 25018.)

*Please Note: Dental coverage for Postdoctoral Fellows (who are also members of CUPE 3906) is not provided by this (Sunlife) plan.  It is provided by our plan with Equitable Life of Canada.  For more information on dental coverage for CUPE 3906 Postdocs, please visit