Unit 3 is comprised of Postdoctoral Fellows employed at McMaster. Postdoctoral Fellows are considered FULL TIME employees of the university (working 35 hrs. per week, consistent with the university’s definition of full-time work).

Unit 3 members have access to a variety of benefits including the CUPE Dental Plan (until August 31, 2023), the Postdoctoral Fellow Support Fund, and, effective September 1, 2023 – for those working a contract of 12 months or longer – the *new* combined Health and Dental Benefits plan provided through Sun Life (see below for details).

Effective September 1, 2023 all Unit 3 members working a contract of 12 months or longer are eligible for the *new* combined SunLife Health and Dental Plan, which has replaced the previous health and dental plan. Postdocs working a contract of any length (including those of 12 months or longer) are eligible for the Heath Care Spending Account and the Postdoctoral Fellow Support Fund for expenses not covered or not fully covered elsewhere.

All unionized postdocs are eligible for a Professional Development Fund of up to $1000 per year (more information on that fund is available here) as well as a Gender Affirmation and Reproductive Health Fund (more information on that fund is available here).

CLICK HERE for a handy brochure that summarizes your benefits.  Please note!  This is a summary only.  For more complete information, please click on the tabs in the drop-down menu and/or contact our Benefits Officer (benefits@cupe3906.org) or our Administrative Coordinator (administrator@cupe3906.org)

Please note, if you had an appointment of less than one year, and you were granted an extension of your contract making the total length longer than 1 year, you will become eligible for the Sun Life plan as of the date of your extension.

If you have any questions, please e-mail our Administrative Coordinator (administrator@cupe3906.org)

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