**IMPORTANT UPDATE!  PLEASE NOTE!  April 2018: We are in the process of changing Travel Insurance companies because our former carrier, RSA/VIATOR/Global Excel no longer insures small groups.  If you are a Unit 2 member and are planning on using the Unit 2 travel coverage in the near future, please contact administrator@cupe3906.org in advance of your trip for more information.

All Unit 2 members have access to an out-of-province Emergency Medical Coverage Group Travel Insurance plan through the Union. You are eligible to claim if you have worked as a Sessional in the current academic year.

There are wallet cards and coverage books available in the Union office. If you are going to be travelling outside of the province you need to pick up a card and coverage book before leaving. *APRIL 2018: Coverage cards and booklets for our new plan will be available soon.  In the interim, please contact administrator@cupe3906.org for more information.

There is a set of phone numbers on the back of the wallet card. If you need to access medical services out of the province or country, you are required to call the appropriate number on the back of the card (if you are physically able). The insurance company may direct you to a specific doctor or service provider.

If you have any questions about the Group Travel Insurance please contact the Union office.

Family Members: *NEW MARCH 2017*  You can now enroll in family coverage by contacting our broker at McLean Hallmark.  To obtain his contact information, please e-mail administrator@cupe3906.org.