CUPE 3906 provides dental coverage for Unit 3 members (Post Doctoral Fellows). Dental rates as of September 1, 2018 are:
SINGLE $4.00 / month
FAMILY $62.93 / month

*Once again, we are pleased to say that there is not an increase to cost of premiums this year*

*Please note that dental benefits are processed through Equitable Life of Canada, not Sunlife.*

Accessing Your Dental Benefits:

To access your dental benefits, bring a copy of the dental booklet (available for download below) and/or the following information to your dental appointment:
Policy #: 97528
Division #: Division #2
Certificate #: your employee ID #

Insurance Company: Equitable Life of Canada

With this information your dentist should be able to process the claim electronically and bill the insurance company directly.

If the dentist cannot process your claim electronically, you will have to pay for your dental work at the time of your appointment then submit a dental claim form (available for download below) for reimbursement. The insurance company will mail a cheque to you at your home address.  You can also go to and sign-up for an online profile to update information such as mailing addresses, and/or arrange to have payment made through direct deposit.

Please make sure that your dentist’s office submits the correct division number for Postdoctoral Fellows (i.e., Division 2).  (If your dentist has the incorrect division number, your claim will likely be rejected.)

Some dentists may require that you pay for the dental work at the time of your appointment even if they can submit the claim electronically. In this case, the insurance company will mail you a cheque to reimburse you for your dental work. The claim will be submitted by the dentist and you will not have to fill out any paper work.

Normal cleanings and fillings are covered (but there is a nine-month recall limitation for check-ups). If you require a non-standard procedure, or one that could cost more than $200, we strongly advise that you get an estimate, checked by the dentist against your coverage, before paying anything.  We encourage you to contact the Equitable Life group claims department (1-800-265-4556)  if you are uncertain if your check-up is subject to the recall period limitations.

If you have any questions, please check with the BEFORE going to the dentist.

Coverage Booklets

Our Coverage Booklet now includes both single and family coverageClick HERE for the Dental Coverage Booklet.

*Please note that members who enroll in family coverage are coded as Classification B.  (Members enrolled in single coverage are coded as Classification A).


The PDF Family Dental Enrollment is used to enroll family members in the dental plan. The 2018-19 family dental rate is $62.93 per month.  This package includes the family plan enrollment form and the dependent information form.  (Please see below for the family dental rebate form.)  NOTE – You have 30 days after the start of your contract to enroll in the family plan.   You will be re-enrolled in family dental automatically each year unless you provide CUPE with a written letter of request to terminate your family dental benefits. Change of coverage requests can only be made during your 30 day change of coverage period (which starts on the first day of your contract or in subsequent years, the anniversary of the first day of your contract) .  For instance, if you started your contract on June 1, 2017 your change of coverage period is from June 1 to June 30 every year.

Family Dental Rebates: *new* As of January 2017, family dental rebate cheques will be processed when you enroll for family coverage.  The rebate is currently $200 per academic year (i.e., Sept 01-Aug 31).  If you are enrolled in family dental coverage and have not received a rebate, please contact our Benefits Officer at

Dental Opt-Out The Dental Opt-Out Form (This form is a PDF that can be filled out on screen. You will need to print out the completed version and sign it before submitting the claim) – NOTE – You have 30 days after the start of your contract to opt-out, after which point you are not able to leave the plan. To opt out you must provide proof of alternate coverage with your own name on it (not your spouse’s or your parent’s).

Dental Claim FormOnly use this form if your dentist was unable to file the claim electronically.

Many common FAQs can be found on the Unit 1 Dental page.