Vacancies on Young Ontario Workers Committee

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The Young Ontario Worker’s Committee (YOW) is seeking interested candidates to fill terms for representatives for 3 Representatives.

Normally members of the Committee are elected by a caucus of young workers at the CUPE Ontario Human Rights Conference which is held every second year.

Vacancies can be appointed. Those with interest can put their name forward by February 15, 2022.

We are asking you to nominate members of your Local who are aged thirty years or younger and who are interested in being a member of the Young Workers Committee until the current Committee’s term expires at the 2023 CUPE Ontario Human Rights Conference.

Please encourage any such members to submit the attached nomination form. Please note that to be eligible for nomination, CUPE members must be aged thirty (30) years or younger at the time of application, must be a member in good standing of a CUPE Local affiliated with CUPE Ontario and must have the endorsement / nomination of their Local Union President. If you are interested, please email

n addition to completing several hours of volunteer Committee work each month, successful applicants should be able to obtain leaves of absence to attend two committee meetings annually. CUPE Ontario covers costs related to membership on this committee.

As per CUPE Ontario policies, costs or expenses incurred are covered by CUPE Ontario for our Committee members, including time away from work, travel or mileage, accommodation if needed, parking, and a per diem.

Please submit applications to Monica de Vera at If you require further information, you can contact her by email or at 905-739-9739 ext. 618.