2021 Postdoc Halloween gathering


SUNDAY: Postdoc Halloween gathering   The time has come for our Postdocs to celebrate together this spooky season! Please join our SPECIAL Halloween Gathering on Sunday, October 31, from 2 to 4pm in front of JHE building’s main entrance. Take this great opportunity to connect with other Postdocs while enjoying delicious snacks. Feel free to bring your family members, especially your loving kids, … Read More

Paid TA Training

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It has come to our attention that a few people haven’t completed their paid training yet. This training is mandatory and besides giving us an opportunity to become better TAs, it is paid at our hourly TA rate. For steps on how to register and answers to common questions, please see this link: https://hr.mcmaster.ca/employees/health_safety_well-being/our-safety/health-and-safety-training/ta-training/ For everyone who completed their training on time, … Read More

Free First Aid Training

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We want to remind you that Free First Aid Training is a benefit guaranteed under your Collective Agreement and available to all CUPE 3906 members.  The course, a Standard Red Cross certificate course, is offered on a number of dates this spring through Athletics and Recreation, and the cost of registration is covered by the Employer. Dates for the ten different two-day … Read More

October 18th- Vaccination Update and Campus Access

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Below is the most recent update we have from McMaster regarding vaccination status and access to work/campus, effective today (October 18th). Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns, if you have been informed you’ll be placed on unpaid leave (or other forms of disciplinary action), if you have an exemption request denied, or general questions and … Read More

CUPE National Pension Summit

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Join CUPE members from across the country for our virtual National Pension Summit to share strategies about how to improve access to pensions for part-time and other precarious workers. Register now The summit will take place entirely online October 27, 2021, from noon to 4 p.m. Eastern Time. Registration is open now and closes on October 22, 2021. Read the … Read More

Mandatory Vaccination Update

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UPDATE: The Ontario Human Rights Commission has published a statement where it defends that vaccination requirements are generally permissible, and that personal preferences and singular beliefs are not protected:  http://www.ohrc.on.ca/en/news_centre/ohrc-policy-statement-covid-19-vaccine-mandates-and-proof-vaccine-certificates . While the OHRC’s opinion is not law, it is an authoritative statement and is a good indication of what courts could decide on this matter. Our staff has elaborated a great … Read More

Overworked? Your Collective Agreement Can Help

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We regularly hear of TAs being overworked, primarily because they are provided more assignments than they can reasonably mark in the time allocated. We often hear of TAs being allocated 10 to 15 minutes for an entire essay and are expected to provide feedback to students in that time. Under your Collective Agreement, the employer cannot act in a way … Read More

COVID vaccination documentation update

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We have had questions about the following statement from the Employer on their communications about uploading COVID vaccination forms: It is critically important to upload your documentation into MacCheck. We encourage you to do this as soon as possible and well in advance of the October 17th deadline.   We have followed up with Employee-Labour Relations and we can confirm that it is meant to refer … Read More