Unit 2 Dental Opt Out- Extended until Feb 3rd at 4 p.m.

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Good news! For those of you who were unable to meet the original deadline to opt out of our dental plan OR to opt in to our family dental plan (Friday, January 31st), we are happy to announce that it’s been extended to 4:00 PM TOMORROW (Monday, February 3rd).
Please note that this option applies only to those of you who are newly hired this term (i.e. you had not previously taught in the 2019/2020 academic year). 
Those wishing to opt out MUST include proof of alternate coverage along with a signed copy of our opt-out form. Hard copies of said form and of the family enrolment form are available on the wall to the right of the Union office (KTH B111). There is also a mailbox to the left of our door for any submissions made outside of office hours.
More information on U2 dental coverage, opt-outs, and family enrolments can be found here.
All related inquiries should be sent to our Administrative Coordinator at administrator@cupe3906.org.
In solidarity,
The CUPE 3906 Executive Committee