Grad Student TAs and RAs: Do you have questions about MOSAIC?

Mary Ellen CampbellGeneral

MOSAICIf you are a Graduate Student and Unit 1 Member (TA or RA in lieu of TA) and have questions about the new MOSAIC payroll system (including how it might affect the administration of your dental benefits), please visit for more information!


Check your Pay Advice on MOSAIC

Your union has received calls that there have been a few issues with the new MOSAIC payroll, predominantly that the amount of pay has not been correct.

Have you checked your e-paystub?  The new MOSAIC system promises to be a one-stop access point for members, but it’s important to recognize that it’s still in its early stages.  We are recommending that members take the time to check the pay stubs issued on paper from September and mid-October pay periods and compare them to the electronic pay stubs that replaced them.  Please let us know if you notice any significant changes in the disbursements after the MOSAIC system came into effect October 21st.  If so, please contact x 24003 or email We would encourage you to check your pay stub, referred to a “Pay Advice,” on a bi-weekly basis.

This can be done by logging into the new MOSAIC system: