Canada Post Lockout & CUPE 3906 Benefits

Sathish PichikaGeneral

The nation-wide Canada Post lockout will affect the processing and delivery of your benefits in a variety of ways. Please read the following post carefully.

Equitable Life will continue to process  Unit 1 (TA and RA in lieu) and Unit 3 (Post-doc) dental claims.  The Prosure group will continue to process Unit 2 benefit claims and Unit 1 childcare. Both Equitable Life and Prosure have agreed to send benefits cheques to CUPE 3906 via courier. These cheques can be picked up at the CUPE 3906 office in the basement of Wentworth Hall.

We will try to notify members by email  if a cheque is available for pick up. Members who are expecting a cheque are encouraged to email their up to date contact info to the benefits officer, Rebecca Strung,  at

The Canadian Union of Postal Workers has indicated that there is a lot of mail in the system that will not be delivered. This means that benefits claims might be held up on route to Equitable life or Prosure. It also means that benefits cheques that were already mailed out may be stuck in the system.  Members who recently submitted a claim should thus expect long delays. Inquiries about the status of a benefits claim should be directed to the benefits officer at

Please note that Unit 1 vision care and UHIP claims are being held until the end of August and will not be affected by the Canada Post lockout. Click here for more information.

Please feel free to contact Rebecca at or the CUPE office if you have any questions or concerns about how the Canada Post lockout will affect your benefits.