The following forms and links are useful to Sessional Faculty & Hourly Rated Sessional Music Faculty for either informational purposes or to claim rights under the Unit 2 Collective Agreement.

To download the forms related to benefits for Unit 2, please refer to Unit 2 Benefits page.

Click here to download the Unit 2 Post Contract Payment Form (PDF) 
This form is used to claim payment required for work done after the end of a member’s contract (e.g. grading late papers or exams, attending appeals, etc…), as per Article 15.05 of the Collective Agreement.

Sessional Faculty Supplemented Fees
Previously, a separate form was used to claim the class-size stipend under 14.02 of the Collective Agreement (for classes over 75 students). Under the new Collective Agreement this payments will be processed automatically, and the form is no longer necessary. If you do not receive your class size stipend after the last day for students to drop classes please contact the union.

Click here access information on your Record of Employment
Upon completion of your contract at McMaster, and if a break in your earnings from McMaster occurs, you should be sent a Record of Employment (ROE), which can be used for Employment Insurance (EI) purposes.  Normally, a 3.0 unit course translates into 238 hours for EI purposes.  You should be sent a ROE shortly after your last pay day.

Click here to download the Release of Teaching Evaluation Forms
This form is used to authorize the University to make public the results of a Sessional Faculty’s  student evaluations.

Click here to access the Sessional Faculty Notes

This document contains a variety of important resources for Sessional Faculty and Hourly Rated Sessional Music Faculty, including information about parking, e-mail access, grade submission, appeals process, student resources, teaching resources, etc.

Click here for the information on training access for Sessional Faculty through MIIETL.

Sessional Faculty who hold seniority in CUPE 3906, Unit 2, have access to training through the McMaster Institute for Innovation and Excellence in Teaching and Learning (MIIETL). Read the letter for more details.

Click here for information on requesting additional TA support

Click here for information on calculating your Current and Aggregate Seniority

The pay schedule for 2020-21 can be found here. The bi-weekly pay periods are outlined here, and the dates highlighted in yellow are what is used as “First Day of Work/for which paid” and “Last day of work/for which paid” for the purposes of your Record of Employment.