Health and Safety Payment Form

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The most recent Health and Safety Payment form is available here. Please note that the form has been updated by McMaster to include Unit 2 Sessionals. Until Aug 31, 2024 the Unit 1 work is compensated at a rate of $28.98 for undergraduate TAs and $48.52 for graduate TAs; on September 1, 2024 those amounts increase to $29.98 for UG TAs and $49.52 for graduate TAs. Unit 1 members can continue to use the above form until the updated form is available.

For Unit 2 members, the hourly payment is $71.13 (equivalent to the hourly-rated sessional music faculty rate).

For Unit 3 members, you are able to take time off from your regular work duties for health and safety work (without loss of pay), but there is no additional payment.

More information about health and safety can be found here: