Hardship Fund for Unit 1 Members Participating in the Strike

Mary Ellen CampbellUncategorized

Our Union has established a hardship fund for striking Unit 1 members (TAs and RAs in lieu). The purpose of the fund is to assist those people experiencing significant financial hardship because of the strike.
To apply, you must be participating in the strike. Everyone will experience short-term financial implications of being on strike, but not everyone will experience hardship. Some of the criteria of experiencing financial hardship because of the strike include things such as being likely to miss a rent payment, having to skipping groceries, etc.
The CUPE Local 3906 strike committee administers this fund, and all applications will be kept strictly confidential.

Under the fund, you can apply for a maximum of $300 for individuals or $600 for people with dependents. Please note that not all applications will be approved, and those which are approved may not be approved for the full amount. This fund covers over 2,600 striking workers and is available only as funds permit.

To apply, please visit https://zfrmz.com/igwkfzjJYzNQticQXRpA