Adjusting Hours of Work Forms

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DID YOU KNOW?  Adjusting hours of work!
Are you finding that you are working more than your assigned hours, you are having trouble meeting deadlines, or you have a major academic deadline that conflicts with your TA deadline?
You can request adjustments to your hours of work!  Article 12.04 (below) outlines the process for requesting adjustments to your hours of work.  You have the right to request adjustments in several circumstances.  Please feel free to reach out to the Union if you have questions about this process, or require some assistance with it.  The specific language in our Collective Agreement is:
12.04 Hours of Work Adjustments/Additional Hours of Work 
(a) If, at any time during an assignment, either the employee or Employment Supervisor wishes to amend the allocation or number of hours on the Hours of Work Form, either party may request and will be granted a meeting for this purpose within 5 business days.  
(b) As soon as an employee has a reasonable belief that they will be unable to perform the duties of the position within the hours specified, they shall request and will be granted a meeting with their Employment Supervisor within 5 business days. 
(c) Any changes to the employee’s assignment will be attached to the Hours of Work form and such revisions will be initialed by both parties. A copy of the revised form will be retained by the Department and forwarded to the Union. 
(d) If the matter is not resolved to the employee’s satisfaction, they may then meet with their Employment Supervisor and Department Chair (or their delegate) or their Department for a final determination. If the employee chooses to have a Union Representative present at such a meeting, any subsequent grievance would be filed at Step 2 of the grievance procedure as outlined in Article 10. 
(e) Unless the Steps provided for in 12.04 have been followed, and written permission received, no employee shall be requested or permitted to perform work beyond their originally allocated hours.  
(f) If an employee accepts a request to work additional hours, the employee will be paid in accordance with Schedule “A”.  
(g) The Employer shall offer assistance and provide a supportive environment to its Employees experiencing domestic violence, including accommodating a leave(s) of absence, adjustment of work schedules, giving consideration in the situation of discipline or other supportive responses as may be appropriate in the circumstances. In all responses to domestic violence, the Parties shall respect employees’ confidentiality. 
(h) Where an employee is experiencing difficulty meeting their employment obligations, for reasons of language or otherwise, they are encouraged to speak with their Employment Supervisor.