Paid TA Training Update for newly hired Winter 2022 TAs

Brad WalchukUncategorized

For TA’s who are new this term, you should have received an email about five hours of additional paid training our union secured in 2019, that covers anti-oppression training among other things. Some new members have shared they were not informed by Mac about this (despite it being their duty) so I wanted to share the information about it.

Our union pushed hard for this in 2019 and won it through the hard work of the bargaining team and our members mobilizing. The training will improve your skills as a TA and give you additional pay. It is broken down into Anti-Oppression (2 hours), TA Rights & Responsibilities (1 hour), and a selection of elective workshops (2 hours). This training is mandatory, so make sure you enrol!


You can register for the training through Mosaic. Once registered, you will be able to access the training workshops in Avenue to Learn. The How to Register for the Training document, found below, will provide step-by-step instruction, including screenshots, to help TAs with registering for the training.

More Information and FAQs

More information can be found here: