CUPE Ontario’s campaign for a wealth tax

Brad WalchukUncategorized

CUPE Ontario has started a campaign demanding a wealth tax. The ongoing hardship of the pandemic has laid bare the rampant inequality in this province:

  • Demand at food banks across the country has increased, with Ontario being one of three provinces seeing the greatest increase in visits.

  • Under Bill 124our Members, among hundreds of thousands of public sector workers, have had their wage and benefit increases restrained below the rate of inflation.

  •  Housing costs continue to skyrocket.

  •  The rent freeze is set to end January 1st even as many still haven’t recovered from a pandemic that, let’s not forget, isn’t even over yet.

Meanwhile, the wealth of billionaires has grown by billions, year after year, such that Ontario now has the highest income inequality in Canada. We need to take action to reverse years of tax cuts for the wealthy.

Far too many Ontarians are now stretched thin and stressed out. It’s time to institute changes to our tax system where those who can afford to pay more start paying their fair share.

Tell Doug Ford that it’s time for a wealth tax in Ontario by clicking here: