Update regarding Unit 1 Paid Training Program

Brad WalchukUncategorized

Dear TAs and RAs (in lieu),

In November 2019, your union secured 5 hours of paid training through collective bargaining. This could not have been secured without the support of the membership. The training program was first developed over this past summer and was implemented at the start of this term. When it was negotiated, the Union, in good faith, was led to believe that that training program would apply to all members of Unit 1, and we believe that the language in the Collective Agreement reflects this.

Unfortunately, McMaster does not seem to agree. As some of you may know, returning TAs/RAs (in lieu) in the Faculty of Engineering are being offered only 2 hours of paid training. Your Union believes this to be a clear violation of the Collective Agreement and strips people of access to 3 paid hours to which they are entitled under the newly established training program. As a result, CUPE has filed a policy grievance against McMaster to ensure that all Unit 1 members have access to 5 paid hours of training under the newly established program.
We will provide further updates as we are able.