Wanted: Department Stewards

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Stewards hold one of the most important positions in our Union, they are our eyes and ears in every department and are vital to inform both their departments and the rest of the Union about what is going on. We are constantly looking for more motivated people to fulfill this role.

If you want to do this crucial service to your fellow workers, please fill out one of the forms here and send it to us! There is also a small honorarium set in our budget in recognition of the valuable work our Stewards do.

We are also planning to host one of CUPE National’s training for Stewards. If you are a Steward, or if you wish to become one, we highly recommend that you take this free training. You only need to send an email to organizingchair@cupe3906.org expressing your interest!

Lastly, if you want to participate more in the Union, but not as a Steward, we encourage you to check out our other committees and get in touch with their chairs, your help is always appreciated and needed!