Announcing CSEU 2021 Annual Congress: Academia, Justice and the Workplace! (August 12-15, online)

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The pandemic, successive economic crises and further austerity measures have brought what was already a precarious situation for many of us at our workplaces to a breaking point. Particularly in academia, we see these events translating as a shrinking job market, increasing student debt and loss of pay and benefits to workers, with no prospect of improvement. Those of us who managed to keep our jobs must oftentimes still battle with financial insecurity, increasing workload and the added stress on our mental health. What can we as student workers do against this trend?

CSEU 2021: Academia, Justice and the Workplace offers a way to fight back by bringing together researchers, activists and unions from all over North-America and beyond. We will gather for three days of conference panels and presentations, from August 12 till August 14, followed by a plenary on August 15 where delegates will approve resolutions and determine the work and direction of the CSEU (Coalition of Student Employee Unions) over the next year. For four days we will be learning from each other’s experiences and discussing how we can advance justice in our workplaces and academia, with a special focus on the central problems that academic workers struggle with today. Come meet your fellow unions, learn more about the challenges impending upon us and build with us a common strategy to overcome them!

This year’s conference will take place online. We kindly ask you to circulate our Call for Proposals and we remind everyone that registering both as an attendant or as a presenter is entirely free. The entire event is funded by voluntary contributions, there are no costs incurred by participating. REGISTER HERE!

This year’s Annual Congress is being hosted by CUPE 3906 at McMaster University, but there is space for your local to get involved in the planning/hosting as well. Reach out to the CSEU 2021 Annual Congress Organizing Committee at

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CSEU 2021 Annual Congress Organizing Committee