Annual General Meeting- 2021

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Each year, we hold an Annual General Meeting, or AGM, at which all executive positions are up for election. This year, it will happen on Thursday, April 8, at 12 PM.

Immediately after the AGM, we will also hold a General Membership Meeting (GMM) to discuss other business relevant to our local. If you plan to present a member motion, we ask that you contact us at in advance of the GMM.

To register for both meetings, click here (the GMM uses the same Zoom room as the AGM; as soon as one ends, the other will begin). Please remember: You must register with your McMaster email address no later than 10 AM on April 8 (but the sooner, the better!).

Here are the rules for the election process:

  • Members may nominate themselves or others in advance of the meeting or during the nominations period of the meeting on April 8th.  Nominations will not be accepted after the nominations are declared “closed” at the online meeting.  If you would like to nominate yourself or someone else in advance of the meeting, please email
  • Those candidates present at the meeting have up to 2 minutes to address the membership at the meeting to state why members should vote for them in the elections.
  • All candidates can submit 250 word (maximum) statement to be provided to the membership.  The deadline to submit a statement is 1 hour following the conclusion of the AGM on April 8th.
  • Candidates can run for any positions they like (subject to the restrictions in Article 3 of the Local’s Bylaws). However, candidates can only hold one position.
  • Elections nominated in the order listed at
  • Upon winning an election, a candidate becomes automatically ineligible for subsequent elections. If they “win” a subsequent seat, it is declared vacant and a new election is held at the next GMM.  (e.g., if you win the position of President, you cannot hold an additional seat and any other “wins” are immediately vacated according to the “priority” order).
  • Up to 3 overall election scrutineers will be selected at the AGM.
  • Voting begins following the meeting as soon as all candidate statements are received, the ballot is created and sent (approx 5 pm on April 8).
  • Balloting continues for approx. 72 hours, ending at 5 pm on Sunday April 11.
  • The Election results will be confirmed by the staff and scrutineers on Monday April 12 and will be released to the membership following the vote count.