Student Workers Will Not Pay for the Housing Crisis

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The Local 3906 executive committee is proud to endorse this amazing event:

The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated the Ontario housing crisis at alarming rates. Thousands of tenants are currently struggling to pay rent, have been evicted, or are in the process of being evicted. Governments, at all levels, have not only failed to provide adequate permanent social housing, but continue to push corporate, market-based solutions – painfully visible in legislation such as Bill 184 which has weakened tenants rights by favouring landlords.
Across Ontario, student workers have also been confronted with the housing affordability crisis, especially international students, BIPOC, gender-oppressed, disabled and other marginalized communities. As most of us are tenants, we are struggling to keep up not only with higher rent prices, but also increasing tuition fees and overwork imposed by the University – another public sector who, like housing, has been impacted by decades of neoliberal cuts and privatization.
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