The Unit 2 Health Care Spending Account entitlement is now $400 per academic year

Brad WalchukUncategorized

Based on gains secured during our last round of collective bargaining, your Benefits Committee has voted to expand your HCSA entitlement. These gains could not have been secured without your support and mobilization during the bargaining process.

Members of CUPE 3906 Unit 2 (Sessional Faculty and Hourly Rated Sessional Music Faculty working at McMaster University) may now submit up to $500 in eligible expenses, and will receive a reimbursement of 80% (to a maximum of $400 per academic year). Previously members would receive a reimbursement of only 70% of the cost (to a maximum of $350 per academic year).

If you submit a claim for $500 in eligible costs, you will receive $400 total for the academic year. In other words, for each $10 claim in eligible costs, you will receive $8 reimbursement, up to a maximum of $400 per academic year. If you have already submitted a claim of up to $500 and received only the previous maximum of $350, you will need submit an additional form to receive up to a $50 top up.

Further information about the HCSA, eligible expenses, and the claim forms, can be found here.