Tax Forms Update- T4, T2200, T2200s, and T777-S forms

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**Given that we are not tax professionals, this is for informational purposes only. We strongly advise you to consult a tax professional for any specific questions. Nothing contained here should be seen as ‘advice.’ If you’re questions about are labour law, we can help. For tax law questions, we urge you to consult a professional in that field**

We wanted to provide a quick update re: T2200 and T2200s and resources that the Employer has prepared. Resources are already posted on McMaster’s payroll website as follows:

The resources include:

  • Home Office Expenses Overview
  • Home Office Expenses FAQ
  • Home Office Expenses Calculation Template

There is a webinar with KPMG scheduled for March 2 @ 1:00pm.  Employees need to register at Webinar Registration – Zoom.  This session will also be recorded and posted afterward for all employees to view at a time that works best for them.

T2200S forms will be prepared for eligible employees and distributed via email by March 31, 2021. For clarity, ALL CUPE 3906 members (Units 1, 2, and 3) are eligible. For clarity, a T2200 is a traditional tax form for those working from home,  (, while a T2200s is for those working from home due to COVID-19. The T-777s form is for a new tax credit (of up to $400) introduced by the federal government (

For more information and a User Guide on how to access and print your T4 slip please visit The T4 is a tax form outlining your regular earnings/wages. We have confirmed that members who are no longer employed with McMaster will continue to have basic access to Mosaic for the purposes of seeing their payroll and tax slips for 18 months after their contract is over.  Therefore, all T4s can still be accessed.  If someone doesn’t remember their Mosaic password, then they can go through regular protocols with UTS to have their password reset. There shouldn’t be a problem with the Sessional/TA/postdoc staff accessing their 2020 tax slip but let us know if there is, please let us know and we can follow-up with the HR Service Centre on your behalf.

A T4s form is for a self-employed contractor, not an employee. All 3906 members are employees, so you should be receiving a T4 and not a T4A for your TA/Sessional/Postdoc work.