Interdisciplinary Conference for the Canadian Union of Public Employees

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(Hosted by the Local 3906)

As academic employees and members of CUPE, we are all too familiar with discussions surrounding labour issues
and the process of collective bargaining to ensure just working conditions. However, when it comes to the vital
research that we engage in day to day, members rarely get a chance to come together on these topics and interact with each others’ work. The goals of this conference are to bring our research together and to provide unique opportunities for collaboration , open up discussion about key labour issues, and ultimately facilitate a creative avenue for building union solidarity.

For this first iteration of this conference the overarching theme will focus on academia, justice and the workplace. We
invite all workers employed in academia to submit an abstract and/or proposal. We highly encourage creative
submissions in addition to the standard talking format (whether that be visual art, multimedia, etc.). Group
submissions for panel presentations are also welcome.

Topic examples include but are not limited to:
● Working in academia
● Equity and discrimination in the workplace
● Anti-black racism
● Other forms of discrimination
● Indigenous rights
● Corporatization of the post-secondary sector
● The role of unions in academia at large

Further suggestions that align with this year’s theme are welcomed.

Due to the current state of travel, this conference will be held virtually over Zoom.

● Conference is to be held between the dates of April 18th to 24th 2021 pending review of abstracts.
● Please email all submissions to
● The deadline for submissions is January 15th 2021.
● All submissions must include an abstract or project description (250-500 words).
● Submissions must include the author’s name, affiliation, and contact information.
● Submissions from other locals are welcome and encouraged.