**IMPORTANT: Unit 1 Dental Plan Opt Out Information**

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The following message applies to you and please pass this to fellow TAs in your departments if: a) you hold an undergraduate degree; and b) you hold a contract to work as a Unit 1 member in the Fall 2020 term.
Please note that our dental opt-out forms and family dental enrollment forms are now available on our website at https://cupe3906.org/tas-unit-1/dental-plan/
The dental opt-out and family dental coverage enrollment deadline for Unit 1 members working in the Fall 2020 term is September 25, 2020.
Please click on the link above for important information about the dental opt out and family dental enrollment processes and links to our forms.  You must complete the dental opt-out/family dental enrollment forms every academic year if you wish your opt-out/family enrollment to remain in effect.  (Otherwise, you will default to single coverage.  Members who wish to enroll in single coverage need not take any action.)
We are currently accepting forms submitted via email to administrator@cupe3906.org given the pandemic office closure.
Please address all questions to our Administrative Coordinator at administrator@cupe3906.org.