Run-off elections for Benefits Officer, International Officer, Health and Safety Officer, and Unit 3 Chief Steward

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Monday, June 15 @ 12pm to Tuesday, June 16 @ 12pm

In addition to our previous announcement that three of our Executive positions would require run-off ballots, we can now confirm that our Unit 3 Chief Steward election will need one as well. None of these elections resulted in a majority candidate, as defined in Article 4 of our bylaws.

The following positions thus require run-off elections between the candidates listed for each:

Benefits Officer:
Zobia Jawed
Maxwell Lightstone
International Officer:Avijit Mallick
Sarah Elshahat

Health and Safety Officer:
Arghyadeep Sarkar
Sudarshan Sharma

Chief Steward, Unit 3:

Kezhuan Gu
Reza Heydarian

The run-off elections for these positions will be open from Monday, June 15th at 12pm until Tuesday, June 16th at 12pm. The process will be identical to our previous election. You will receive an email from Helios Voting prior to the election with your voting credentials. Please double check your spam folders for your credentials, as some emails have wound up there for members.

Statements of candidacy from each of the remaining nominees can be found here.