Unit 2 (Sessionals) Benefits Changes

Brad WalchukUncategorized

Thank you everyone who attended the General Membership Meeting on Wednesday, August 22 at noon. The meeting went well and we had many U2 members who joined the meeting, asked questions/clarification and context behind these new proposed changes to the Health Care Spending Account.

The two co-pay options were discussed as follows: Option 1: 70% co-pay option and no travel insurance and Option 2: 55% co-pay option with travel insurance.

The U2 members present at the meeting unanimously supported the 70% co-pay option without the travel insurance (option 1). This simply means that a U2 member can get back 7 dollars for every 10 dollars claimed. So, out of 500 dollars allocated, the U2 member can claim 350 dollars from Health Care Spending Account.

These new changes will take place for U2 Health Care Spending Account Claims starting September 1st, 2018. If you have any further questions, please contact the CUPE office (administrator@cupe3906.org) and/or benefits officer (benefits@cupe3906.org)

Travel insurance will still be available for Unit 2 members use until March 2019 (when the purchased insurance expires) at which point it will not be renewed.