Health and Safety and Stormy Weather

Mary Ellen CampbellUncategorized

Dear Members,

As you may know, McMaster University has a Storm Emergency Policy in the case of extreme weather:

The Employer recognizes in its Policy that “Weather conditions can sometimes be intimidating even though the University remains open” (especially if you live some distance from campus).

If you feel that the weather conditions are intimidating, you may make alternate arrangements with your department regarding regularly scheduled work.  You should not be penalized if you feel that your personal safety is at risk.
If you have questions about how to exercise your rights, please contact the Union at or x24003.
As Union members, Health and Safety articles in our Collective Agreements (Article 18 in Unit 1; Article 17 in Unit 2; Article 14 in Unit 3) protects your health and safety.
There is additional language in our Collective Agreements to protect members from loss of pay in the event of an Emergency Storm Closure (Article 20.06 in Unit 1; Letters of Understanding entitled “Policies Affecting Terms and Conditions of Employment” in Unit 2 and Unit 3). Both the Employer and the Union agree that members shouldn’t risk their personal safety in the line of work.
CUPE 3906 Staff and Executive