Unit 2 (Sessional) Bargaining Update #1

Brad WalchukUncategorized

Here is a detailed update after the first two meetings with the University’s negotiating team last week. As you will see, the two sides have found some agreement on a number of smaller, procedural (or “housekeeping”) issues but remain far apart with respect to the priorities that our members have identified.

We are in a recess right now and will be back at the table by mid-August.

In the meantime, we’d like to hear from you! Please take a moment to check you e-mail and fill out our first of several Quick Bargaining Surveys. These surveys will be just a few questions long and will help to clarify where our members stand on various employment issues.

To encourage good participation in this endeavor, we’re offering a bit of an incentive: $20-, $30- and $50-valued prizes for 3 lucky respondents!

In solidarity for a #BetterMac
Graham Baker, President, CUPE 3906
on behalf of the Unit 2 Bargaining Team