Unit 2 Bargaining- Now Underway

Brad WalchukUncategorized

This is it! Unit 2 bargaining began yesterday and continues today! Your duly-elected Bargaining Team has been working hard over the last several weeks to put together a package of proposals that reflects your priorities as a membership. This morning, we’ll have our first chance to present those proposals in person to the university’s negotiators.

You’re going to continue to hear from us – in person, via email, and through our direct mailers – as this process unfolds. If we’re going to win the Collective Agreement that Sessional Faculty at this university deserve, we all need to be pulling together, and that begins with making sure that all our members have up-to-date, accurate information about what’s going on at the bargaining table.

We also need to keep hearing from you. To that end, we will be inviting you all to participate in a few Quick Bargaining Surveys. These surveys will be just a few questions long and will help to clarify where our members stand on various employment issues.