Statement on Trump’s Visa and Immigration Ban

Mary Ellen CampbellUncategorized

Dear CUPE 3906 and Community Members,

In the light of the recent unfortunate news about Donald Trump’s executive order for imposing visa and immigration ban on citizens of seven Muslim-majority countries, CUPE 3906 International Committee and CUPE 3906 would like to state their strong opposition to this notorious executive order. CUPE 3906 at McMaster University is proud of the diversity of its members, staff, and executives regarding faith, religion, color, nationality, sexual orientation, and gender. We stand for diversity and we fight for equity and equality.

Therefore, we strongly condemn this executive order and stand with people in the United States who are protesting this visa and immigration ban. More importantly, we stand with immigrants and refugees who are fleeing conflict and oppression in their countries of origin. Canada truly values diversity and you are all welcome here.

CUPE 3906 at McMaster University

CUPE 3906 International Committee