The Criminalization of Poverty – Race, Poverty, and Policing in Hamilton

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The Criminalization of Poverty – Race, Poverty, and Policing in Hamilton
Wednesday March 9th 
1:30-3:00pm | ITB 139

Recent debates in Hamilton around police carding and the ongoing ticketing and removal of people in the downtown core have drawn new focus to the long-standing criminalization of poverty. This event aims to bring these debates to McMaster, touching on issues such as carding (or street checks), gentrification, and police targeting of sex workers, low income residents, and aboriginal people. Through a panel discussion with academics and activists, we hope to raise awareness of the ways poverty and race become criminalized in everyday practice. Speakers will discuss both the broad issues at stake and the specific community campaigns under way challenging the status quo.


Speakers include
Dr. Ameil Joseph, professor in the Social Work department at McMaster and co-founder of the new anti-racism centre in Hamilton.
Kayonne Christy, member of McMaster Womanists and has led efforts against carding in Hamilton.
Yvonne Maracle, Speak Now and De dwa da dehs nye Aboriginal Health Centre
and more…
This event is co-sponsored by the McMaster Community Poverty Initiative, OPIRG McMaster, and the President’s Advisory Committee on Building and Inclusive Community (PACBIC)
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