Pay Period Change for Unit 2 Members (Sessionals)

Brad WalchukGeneral

Attention Unit 2 members: The university is now paying a 3.0 unit course over 8 pay periods, instead of 7. This is allowed under the terms of the collective agreement, and has no impact on those teaching 6.0 unit courses (who are paid over 16 pay periods, 8 per term).

What this means for Unit 2 members teaching 3.0 unit courses:

· An additional pay date for a 3 unit course does not affect the total monies paid, but results in a lower bi-weekly pay amount;
· Aligns the bi-weekly pay amount received by Sessional Faculty who are appointed to either a 3- or 6-unit course; and,
· Aligns the Unit 2 payment dates with the Unit 1 payment dates

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