Important Updates Regarding the MOSAIC Payroll Changes and Member Dental Premiums

Mary Ellen CampbellGeneral

As you may know, McMaster University is phasing in a new payroll system, MOSAIC, as part of a broader “human capital” management system called “PeopleSoft.”

The separation of employment pay (e.g., TA and RA pay) from academic funding (e.g., scholarships, loans, etc.) is one of the most significant impacts of this change for Graduate Students.  The School of Graduate Studies will no longer collect eligible Unit 1 (TA and RA in lieu) member dental premium deductions from academic funding.

For the most recent updates on the dental benefits coverage and premium changes for 2014-2015, please click here.

Please see our most recent communique regarding these changes here.

We will continue to make information available to our members regarding these changes and their impact on dental benefit premium deductions as information arises.