Bargaining E-Bulletin #1

Brad WalchukBargaining, General, Unit 2

Bargaining Update

The Union and the Employer have met on a number of occasions, and more dates are scheduled for May.

What We Have Proposed

Based on the membership survey that you filled out in late 2012 and early 2013, the union has five main bargaining priorities:

– Increased Job Security (in the form of expanded First Consideration Appointments)

– Wage Increases and Lump Sum Payments

– An Expansion to Benefits (the creation of a separate Dental Plan and a separate Child Care Plan, and increases to the Professional Development Fund)

– Term (a 3 year collective agreement)

– Increased TA support to relieve workload

What the Employer Has Proposed

– Failed to respond to expanded First Consideration Appointments

– Proposed wage increases of 0% in the first two years

– Refused to create a stand-alone child-care plan or dental plan, or to increase the Professional Development Fund

– Proposed a 5 year collective agreements

– Failed to agree to TA support increases

What is Next?

– Your elected bargaining team continues to work hard on securing important gains for you.

– We have scheduled meetings with the Employer on May 6, 8 and 15.

What You Can Do

Join the Bargaining Support Committee!!!

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