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Mobilizing Mondays – Week Six

With about two weeks until the final budget vote, this is one of our last chances to get changes made to protect the vital public services that support our communities.

Over the last week, voters in France, Greece and the United Kingdom soundly rejected their governments’ austerity programs. We too can reject the cuts and build our province by insisting that our MPPs vote for growth, not cuts.

Every week, we will send you three simple actions you can take to help protect public services and get Ontario the budget it deserves. Pick one or if you can, please do all three, and encourage your friends and family to do the same.

One-minute action – The last week has seen austerity governments fall across Europe. More are expected to fall this week as voters realize the pain isn’t coming with any gain. Visit budget.messageyourmpp.ca to tell your MPP that you are one of the large majority who want good public services, not dangerous cuts. (And follow budget news at cupe.on.ca/budget!)

You can send a new message every week!

Five-minute action – Make an appointment to see your MPP and call Maureen Giuliani at CUPE Ontario (905-739-9739). She can assist you with speaking notes and meeting preparation. Check out the Lobby Kit at http://cupe.on.ca/d1805/budget-2012-lobby-kit

Twenty-minute action – Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper. You can use the text at messageyourmpp.ca as a guide, but also highlight effects the cuts will have on your family or your community. In communities that have lost manufacturing jobs, public services provide most of the good jobs and are the backbone of the local economy. Highlight the services that allow you to go to work, such as child care and long-term care, or that allow people to live with dignity. Or focus on school or hospital closures if those are expected in your community. Pick one thing to make the letter personal. If you need help, email Craig Saunders in CUPE communications at csaunders@cupe.ca

Need more information about the budget? Visit cupe.on.ca/budget