Weekly Mobilizing Message from Cupe Ontario

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Whack ‘Em Wednesday – Week Four

On Monday, the Ontario Liberals swung a deal that allowed the budget to pass a key vote.

Because so much was changing, CUPE Ontario decided to delay our weekly Mobilizing Mondays email until today.

As a result, here is Whack ‘Em Wednesday. We need to whack the MPPs with the message that the budget still isn’t good enough for Ontario.

The budget will kill jobs, cut public services and hurt communities. The budget is not a done deal. There is still time for us to win amendments that will preserve the vital public services on which every Ontarian relies, every day. We need to add our voice by telling all MPPs the budget must change.

Every week, we will send you three simple actions you can take to help protect public services and get Ontario the budget it deserves. If you can, please do all three, and encourage your friends and family to do the same.

One-minute action– Friend your MPP on Facebook. Then write a status update about the budget. If you use @ and your MPP’s name, they’ll be alerted to your message.

Sample message: Budget amendments are chump change. Still waiting for a budget that protects services and programs in my community. [Better yet, point to a program you or your family rely on that’s being attacked]

Five-minute action– Write a letter to the editor of your local paper. Say that you support increasing taxes on the wealthy and corporations, but only to preserve quality public services. If it’s published, let CUPE Ontario know at info@cupe.on.ca

Twenty-minute action– Make an appt to see your MPP and call Maureen Giuliani at CUPE Ontario (905-739-9739), who assist with speaking notes and meeting preparation.

Need more information about the budget? Visit cupe.on.ca/budget