UHIP claims at a walk-in clinic

Communication OfficerBenefits, International

Long time ago I had this claim and wanted to share the information with the international students.

Basically, I was not in town when I got sick so I had to go to a walk-in clinic or a hospital. Knowing the waiting time at a hospital I decided to go to a walk-in clinic. Then I found out that they do not accept my UHIP card like McMaster’s Health Centre. I had to pay $60 and then they gave me the receipt to fill the claim and send it to the insurance company myself. They told me there that the claim is not going to be covered completely, the insurance company will pay just 80% of it. However, as you see in the pictures, the rebate was even less than 80%.

Apparently, SunLife has its own rates for services that university clinics and hospitals conform to. Other than that, if you end up going to a walk-in clinic it is possible that you pay something out of your own pocket, in addition to the cost for posting the claim and about a month waiting for the rebate to come back.