Building Solidarity From South Africa to Palestine

Nancy MacBainEvents, Political Action

A speaking tour featuring Amjad Barham of PFUUPE, Palestine and representative for the newly formed trade union Palestinian Trade Union Coalition for BDS PTUC-BDS and Dr. Atif.A. Kubursi, Professor Emeritus in Economics at McMaster University

Tuesday May 24th, 6pm
BSB room 108
Free event

This speaking tour will be an important opportunity for debate and discussion on the question of how we as trade unionists can stand in solidarity with Palestinians.  As labour activists, union representatives or grassroots union members, we will be discussing a number of key issues such as,

* Why are trade unionists globally comparing the situation in Palestine with that of South African apartheid?

* What is the situation of Palestinian workers today?

* Why has there been a call by Palestinian trade unions for a campaign of Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) modeled on the solidarity movement against South African apartheid?

* What is the role of trade union activists in what is happening in Palestine today?

There is a great urgency in building our solidarity with Palestinian workers. It is important to note that Palestinian trade unions continue to operate in and confront a daily reality of military occupation, apartheid walls and neoliberal austerity.

In Gaza, 98% of industrial operations remain idle as a result of Israel’s three-year blockade, which includes severe restrictions on electricity, heating oil, natural gas and construction materials. In the occupied West Bank, 25% of the population continues to face food insecurity as well as a complex network of 400-500 military checkpoints, roadblocks, fences, and other obstacles that separate Palestinian workers from their workplaces.

The “Building Solidarity from Palestine to South Africa” speaking tour is an important step in consolidating the worker-to-worker solidarity already established between Palestinian and Canadian and Québécois trade unionists. Make your union part of this historic step in the movement for Palestinian human rights by sponsoring this tour!